See what’s new in RapidWeaver 5.0

  • Build

  • Projects Window

    The all-new Projects Window keeps your recently-opened projects along with handy links in one convenient place.

  • 11 Built-in Plugins

    RapidWeaver 5 has nearly a dozen page types that can be added to your next RapidWeaver site, from blogs to photo albums.

  • Site Resources

    Adding resources to your site (such as PDFs) has never been easier: just drag in resources and organise them from within the RapidWeaver sidebar.

  • Refined UI

    We’ve made RapidWeaver even easier to use, with an bucketload of UI refinements in version 5. Creating websites has never been so simple!

  • Themes

  • Over 45 Themes Built-in

    There’s a theme for everyone with almost four-dozen built-in, customisable themes to choose from.

  • 6 All-New Themes

    We’ve added six gorgeous new themes to RapidWeaver 5, all from world-renowned designers, to help your sites stand out.

  • Theme Consolidation

    No matter how many stylesheets your theme uses, RapidWeaver 5 now consolidates (and optionally compresses) them to ensure your site loads as quickly as possible.

  • Organise your Themes

    The built-in theme browser supports folders for themes, allowing you to organise your favourite designs and easily find them in other projects.

  • Publish

  • Bookmarks Manager

    The all-new Bookmarks Manager allows you to easily save and quickly re-use publishing details across multiple projects.

  • Easy Publishing

    RapidWeaver uploads your site using FTP and SFTP, which are supported by almost every host on the planet. Publishing your site has never been easier.

  • One Click Publishing

    Making changes to your site is easy: with one click, RapidWeaver exports and uploads all the changes made to your website.

  • Smart Publishing

    RapidWeaver’s Smart Publishing means you only ever need to publish the files that have actually changed to your webspace.

  • SEO & Stats

  • Statistics

    RapidWeaver 5 makes it easier than ever to track who visits your site with GoSquared LiveStats and Google Analytics support. RapidWeaver 5 customers even get ad-free use of the basic LiveStats package!

  • Sitemap

    RapidWeaver 5 ships with a new dedicated plugin that generates an HTML sitemap for your website. Visitors will always be able to find the page they’re looking for!

  • XML Sitemap

    RapidWeaver generates an XML sitemap for your entire website and lets the major search engines know that your site has been updated.

  • Great Code, Everywhere

    RapidWeaver generates code using all your favourite web standards - and it’s easily indexed by the search engines.

  • Go Pro

  • Mix Code and Rich Text

    If you need to add some custom code to a page it’s no problem. You can easily mix HTML code alongside Rich Text-formatted content.

  • Navigation Automation

    RapidWeaver automatically creates the navigation menu for you: and tracks when you change any page names to ensure there’s no broken links. Move pages around, without needing to re-build links between pages!

  • Web Developer Tools

    If you need to analyse your RapidWeaver pages, the Safari Web Developer Tools are now available when you preview your pages.

  • Code Snippets

    If there’s code you frequently use within RapidWeaver, the built-in snippets window lets you save them for re-use.

  • Addons

  • Browse & Install

    The all-new Addons area makes finding new addons a breeze, with a comprehensive listing of all the third-party addons around.

  • Stay Up-to-date

    RapidWeaver 5 not only keeps itself up to date, it also helps keep your third-party addons up to date too thanks to the new Addons area.

  • No Relaunch Required

    RapidWeaver 5 now allows you to install new themes and plugins without needing to re-launch RapidWeaver, meaning it’s quicker than ever before to extend your site.

  • SDKs

    If you’re a web developer looking to build your own themes, or a Cocoa developer looking to build a plugin, there’s SDKs for you! We also publish all our SDKs on GitHub.

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