RapidWeaver is the all-in-one web design software for Mac that enables you to build the website you’ve always wanted.

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Design, build and publish your own website using this superb tool.



RapidWeaver is used by novices and professionals alike, and we’ve made sure that there’s plenty of great features for our professional users too. If you need a little more manual control, you can of course use HTML anywhere in the app - and all the themes in RapidWeaver are CSS-based, so if you’re comfortable with HTML & CSS it’s incredibly easy to further customize your design.

  • Stunning Designs
    There’s a website design for everyone, with 52 built-in and highly customizable themes to choose from.
  • Powerful Pages
    From blogs to stunning photo galleries, RapidWeaver has page types included for almost everything.
  • Smart Publishing
    Publishing your site has never been easier: RapidWeaver cleverly only uploads files that have changed.
  • Stats
    Discover who’s visiting your sites, with Google Analytics & GoSquared integration - and a free GoSquared account.
  • Extend with Addons
    Extend your site, with more than 1,000 addons available: online stores, fluid layouts, new designs and much more!
  • Browser Compatible
    All the code that RapidWeaver publishes looks great in your favourite browsers - even Internet Explorer.
  • Publishing Bookmarks
    Keep your publishing credentials in one safe place, and easily add them to your RapidWeaver projects.
  • Dependable
    RapidWeaver is the web design app of choice for hundreds of thousands of people, from novice to pro.
  • Theme and Plugin SDKs
    Developers rejoice: we publish our SDKs on GitHub so you too can build incredible addons for RapidWeaver.
  • Search Engines Love RapidWeaver
    RapidWeaver generates code that search engines love, and makes sure search engines know about your website.
  • Re-usable Snippets
    The snippets window lets you save frequently-used pieces of code and easily re-use them on multiple projects.
  • Mix Code & Rich Text
    Your content lives happily alongside any HTML code you need to use. Just paste in the code and you’re good to go.

3 simple steps to publishing your website

RapidWeaver’s built-in page types provide the perfect place to create your first site. Add your text, images, photo galleries, contact forms and more to create a site you’ll be proud of.

  • 1. Create: Create pages, add plugins and craft your content all from the same handy menu.
  • 2. Preview: Our inline previewer will let your site’s responsiveness test at any width. Handy presets FTW.
  • 3. Publish: Easily bookmark your server’s settings for super-duper quick publishing.

What’s new in version 6?

RapidWeaver 6 is a huge new upgrade with dozens of new features and enhancements. There’s plenty for new and upgrading users, from the stunning design and responsive templates to a turbocharged new publishing engine.

  • Five Stunning New Themes
    RapidWeaver 6 adds five beautiful themes from some of the best theme designers around: Nick Cates Design, Elixir Graphics, Brandon Lee Themes, Yuzool Themes & OneLittleDesigner.
  • Addons Manager
    With over 1,000 addons available for RapidWeaver, the Addon Manager helps you organize your addons and ensure you always have your favourites to hand.
  • Latest & Greatest
    RapidWeaver 6 is the fastest and most reliable release yet: built specifically for the latest OS X releases, and 64-bit to boot, allowing you to build even bigger and more-beautiful sites.
  • Supercharged Publishing
    We’ve completely re-written RapidWeaver’s publishing engine. With its smarter-than-ever multi-file upload, it’s up to 3 times faster and publishes to FTP, FTPS and SFTP servers.
  • Markdown
    Markdown allows you to just start writing, focusing on the reason people visit your site: content. There’s no need to write any code: Markdown generates the code for you, and produces beautiful HTML too.
  • Versions & Autosave
    Ever found yourself needing to quickly revert a change to your website? Thanks to Versions and Autosave, it’s never been easier. For the first time, RapidWeaver allows you to browse versions of your projects.
  • Site-wide Code
    Adding code to individual pages has always been possible with RapidWeaver, but now for the first time you can add HTML, CSS, Javascript and more to every page on your site in just two clicks.
  • Full-screen
    RapidWeaver 6 has been built with Full Screen in mind: the single-window design helps you focus on your website with everything in one place ready for your use.
  • Responsive Preview
    The 5 stunning new themes in RapidWeaver are all responsive, and to help you imagine your site at different sizes you can now resize the preview area to any width you like. There’s even handy presets for iPhone and iPad widths.
  • Master Styles
    RapidWeaver 6 features a whole host of features designed to easily lay out your entire site. Master Styles allows you create a layout that all your pages follow, and that can be updated site-wide with a single click.
  • Example Sites
    When it comes to building your site, you can start with a new project, or take one of the five example sites included in the app. They’re all responsive and showcase the newest themes included with RapidWeaver.
  • Realmac Community
    There’s over 1,000 addons available for RapidWeaver, and there’s a brand-new way to discover them with the Community site. Find your favourite addons, discover new ones, and help others find the best out there.

Video Tutorials

We have a whole host of free video tutorials available for RapidWeaver to help you on your way. You can find them all on the Realmac Community website.

Extend RapidWeaver far and wide

Not only is RapidWeaver packed full of powerful features, it’s also infinitely expandable. There’s over 1,000 third-party addons that allow you customize your website even more.

  • Themes
    Themes are the templates and designs that give your site its distinctive look. There’s hundreds of responsive designs available from third parties, giving your site that unique look.
  • Plugins
    Plugins allow you to create custom pages beyond the page types included with RapidWeaver. From fluid layouts to carousels, there’s plugins for every type of site.
  • Stacks
    The incredibly popular Stacks plugin even has its own type of addon - these widgets allow you to create diverse custom layouts within a Stacks page, and there are thousands of possibilities!
  • Tutorials
    Learn how to bring together RapidWeaver and your addons to get exactly what you want from your site. We add new learning material monthly, too.


RapidWeaver is built exclusively for OS X, with a stunning interface and powerful tools at your fingertips. Take a tour of some of RapidWeaver’s features and learn why it’s trusted by hundreds of thousands of people.


Requires OS X Mavericks, OS X Yosemite or OS X El Capitan.


If you own any older version of RapidWeaver, save over 50% on the full price