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RapidWeaver is the all-in-one app that enables you to build the website you’ve always wanted. Whether it’s an online store, stunning photo gallery or blog, RapidWeaver provides you with the know-how to quickly publish websites that even pros are proud of.

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Powerful Website Creation

RapidWeaver is the leading Mac web design app, and has been ever since its launch over ten years ago. Each release is designed to make your website better, and we’ve carefully ensured that RapidWeaver has all the tools you need to create the perfect website. Best of all, RapidWeaver allows your site to grow as you build it and is expandable with over a thousand third-party addons.

  • Stunning Designs

    There’s a website design for everyone, with 46 built-in and highly customizable themes to choose from.

  • Powerful Pages

    From blogs to stunning photo galleries, RapidWeaver has page types included for almost everything.

  • Smart Publishing

    Publishing your site has never been easier: RapidWeaver cleverly only uploads files that have changed.

  • Stats

    Discover who’s visiting your sites, with Google Analytics & GoSquared integration - and a free GoSquared account.

  • Extend with Addons

    Extend your site, with more than 1,000 addons available: online stores, fluid layouts, new designs and much more!

  • Browser Compatible

    All the code that RapidWeaver publishes looks great in your favourite browsers - even Internet Explorer.

  • Publishing Bookmarks

    Keep your publishing credentials in one safe place, and easily add them to your RapidWeaver projects.

  • Dependable

    RapidWeaver is the web design app of choice for hundreds of thousands of people, from novice to pro.

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Code-Free Creation

There’s no need to know any code - RapidWeaver generates it all for you, based on the content you add to your website. If you need to add some code (maybe a Twitter button), just paste it in and RapidWeaver automatically places it alongside your existing content.

Stunning Designs

RapidWeaver comes with over 45 professionally-designed, and customisable themes that you can tweak to create the perfect layout. There’s over 100 additional themes available from third-party developers such as Nick Cates Design - ideal for everything from online stores to galleries and blogs. All themes display just perfectly on all modern browsers, ensuring your site looks great to every visitor - even if they’re not using a Mac.

Just some of the themes available from third-parties for RapidWeaver

Content First

RapidWeaver is a different type of web design app - one that allows you to focus on the most important aspect of any website: your content. With drag-and-drop creation for photo galleries, online stores, blogs, personal websites and more you can count on RapidWeaver to help you build a stunning website in no time.

Smart and Simple Publishing

RapidWeaver’s super-smart publishing engine uploads only the pages that have changed - so updating your website is incredibly quick. If your host supports FTP or SFTP you’re good to go - and if you need hosting, Little Oak has a special deal for RapidWeaver users!

Seriously Pro Features

RapidWeaver is used by novices and professionals alike, and we’ve made sure that there’s plenty of great features for our professional users. If you need a little more manual control, you can of course use HTML anywhere in the app - and all the themes in RapidWeaver are CSS-based, so if you’re comfortable with HTML & CSS it’s incredibly easy to further customize your design. You can even create (and sell) your own themes and plugins!

  • Theme and Plugin SDKs

    Developers rejoice: we publish our SDKs on GitHub so you too can build incredible addons for RapidWeaver.

  • Search Engines Love RapidWeaver

    RapidWeaver generates code that search engines love, and makes sure search engines know about your website.

  • Re-usable Snippets

    The snippets window lets you save frequently-used pieces of code and easily re-use them on multiple projects.

  • Mix Code & Rich Text

    Your content lives happily alongside any HTML code you need to use. Just paste in the code and you’re good to go.

Start building your website

Learn With Us

RapidWeaver makes it incredibly easy to build a beautiful site - so let us show you how. We’ll share great RapidWeaver tips, and recommendations on all the latest web design knowledge to ensure you create the best website around.

RapidWeaver for Mac

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RapidWeaver Addons

There’s over a thousand addons available to make your website even better.

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