Take screenshots, snap webpages, draw on images, and much more. app icon

Take screenshots, snap webpages, draw on images, and much more.

Ember makes it incredibly easy to capture and organize screenshots, entire webpages and other images that inspire you. No matter whether you’re working on a new website, planning the dream kitchen, or simply collecting things you love.

How Can You Use Ember?

Ember is the visual scrapbook for your mind. Once you start storing things in Ember, they’re fully searchable by name, tags and even color. Here's just some of the ways you can use Ember:

  • Screenshot your inspiration

    Take photos or screenshots, import from Camera Roll and the Finder, and start building your library.

  • Remember the things you love

    Build Collections for your projects, or build Smart Collections based on a tag or color.

  • Give feedback on mockups

    Ember detects when you’re drawing shapes, and converts your annotations into beautiful shapes.

  • Help with your research

    Store your Ember library in Dropbox and keep it synced between different Macs.

  • Wish List

    Stumbled across something you really, really want - but don’t want to forget it? Save it to Ember!

  • Save For Later

    Found an interesting article or webpage? Snap it with Ember to save it to your library to read later.

What people are saying about Ember

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Mac Screenshots and Entire Webpages

Ember for Mac comes with a complete set of screenshot tools to capture anything on your Mac. Capture entire desktops, selected areas, or use the smart window selection tool to only capture a single window of your favorite app.

Not only does Ember capture screenshots, it saves entire webpages too. Use the free Browser Extensions or built-in browser to save them to your Ember library.

All these features (and more) make Ember the most powerful and versatile screen capture tool on the Mac.

User Stories

Discover why hundreds of creative people add Ember to their workflow, with our User Stories.

Thoughtful Powerful Features

Ember makes it incredibly easy to collect photos and other images that inspire you, curate and organize them, and sync them across all your favorite Apple devices. There’s dozens of powerful features, each designed to help you be more creative and do more. Here’s some of the most popular with our customers.

  • Capture

    Take photos, import from Camera Roll (or the Finder) and start building your library.

  • Organize

    Build Collections for your projects, or build Smart Collections based on a tag or color.

  • Drawing

    Ember detects shapes as you draw, converting them into beautiful shapes.

  • Dropbox Sync

    Sync your images, and access them anywhere with Ember for Mac and iOS.

  • Colors

    Ember analyzes the color of your images, so you can search with natural language.

  • Subscriptions

    Follow your favorite blogs in Ember, and save images straight to your library.

  • Snap Websites

    Save websites with Ember’s browser, or use the Safari & Chrome extensions.

  • Take Screenshots

    If it’s on your Mac’s display, Ember can capture it and save to your library.

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Ember in the Press

Ember has the look and feel of an app Apple might make. Surely there’s no higher accolade.

Ember is an extremely slick app whose developers have paid fanatical attention to every detail of the user experience.

If you want a serious tool to help you get the most out of your design images and screenshots … you should definitely give Ember a try.

Award Winning Software

Ever since its launch in July 2013, Ember has attracted rave reviews and a fanatical following.