The Impact of Google Maps on iOS 6 Uptake

nik Written by Nik on December 17th, 2012 in Engineering

Since we launched Clear v1.2, we’ve seen plenty of people tell us that the removal of Google Maps from iOS was the reason they weren’t upgrading to iOS 6, which this version of Clear requires. As a result, I was particularly keen to see what effect a Google Maps app for iPhone would have on the number of people updating Clear - and last week I got a chance to see this in action!

So, here's a graph showing the number of updates to Clear downloaded from Sunday 9th December to Sunday 16th December inclusive. We’ve also looked at the sales data for that timeframe, however as Clear for iPhone is featured in the App Store Best of 2012 collection that makes it impossible to deduce if any of the extra sales are from the increased iOS 6 userbase.

It should be said that the number of updates being downloaded on each of the last four days is still less than 2% of the updates downloaded on launch day for Clear v1.2. However, with Google Maps seemingly the tipping point for many iOS 6 holdouts, the increased uptake of iOS 6 can only be a good thing for developers wanting to use iOS 6-only technologies.