Some Changes for Clear

dan Written by Dan on September 25th, 2013 in News

Over the last week, we’ve received a lot of very passionate feedback about Clear for iPhone and the launch of Clear for iOS 7. The name was slightly confusing, as Clear for iPhone also works on iOS 7 - and we didn’t make enough emphasis that Clear for iOS 7 was a new app because we’d built it for iPad for the first time.

A Change of Plan

After having chatted amongst the team at great length, and given the (shall we say) emotional response from the folks who use Clear for iPhone, we’re changing plan slightly.


Clear for iPhone is back

We’re bringing back the stand-alone iPhone version of Clear, and we’ll be updating it for existing users with new iPhone features.

To that end, we’ve submitted an update that includes the iPhone enhancements for iOS 7 (including the new list themes) and will be releasing it as soon as Apple approves it.

Clear for iOS 7 is now “Clear+”

To make it easy to differentiate, we’re now calling Clear for iOS 7 “Clear+” to signify that it’s for all your iOS devices.

In addition to the highly-vocal iPhone users, we’ve also heard from lots of people who love the new Universal version. To those of you who bought Clear+, we’ll continue to update it just as we announced. We truly appreciate your support.

Clear for Mac

Clear for Mac will be receiving free feature updates as the features are added to Clear and Clear+. There’s no plans for a new paid-for version of Clear for Mac, and we’ve just released Clear for Mac v1.0.3 with all the new themes from Clear+.

More Soon

As a small team, the backlash to the disappearance of Clear for iPhone has been incredibly tough. We’ve been working incredibly hard on Clear for iPad, and simply wanted to offer it in a way that was both sustainable for the team that builds it, and desired by users.

We’ll let you know when the Clear for iPhone update is available, but until then if you’ve got any feedback just give us a shout via Twitter or email!