Mac App Store Sales Figures

dan Written by Dan on January 11th, 2011 in Business

The whole Realmac team has been keeping an eager eye on the Mac App Store over the last few days, in particular the Realmac Apps on it! We thought that five days on from the initial launch, we'd share some details about how things have been going. Over the first two launch days, we sold almost 5,000 copies of our apps. Whilst we have three apps on the Mac App Store, a staggering majority of sales were from Courier and RapidWeaver - with the two newer apps locked in a battle for the "Most Copies Sold on Launch Day" crown.

Mac App Store Sales Figures

As with every product launch, unit sales will tail off - and the Mac App Store is no different. We are, however, curious to see if the average daily run-rate for our apps increases (gradually) over time as a result of publishing our apps on the Mac App Store. We've summed up each app's sales below - note that any chart positions mentioned are correct at time of publication, and subject to change!


Courier saw its price drop to $4.99 - as well as go Mac App Store exclusive on launch day. It was also featured by Apple in the US "New and Noteworthy" section! On Thursday, it was our best-selling app in terms of copies sold, narrowly beating RapidWeaver, and Courier is currently the #3 Paid Utility in the US. Courier's proved very, very popular - an almost-brand-new app, and a price low enough to entice the odd impulse purchase would appear to be a great mix.

Courier Exclusively on the Mac App Store


RapidWeaver's introductory price of $39.99 alongside a feature box on the App Store homepage helped keep RapidWeaver in the US Top Grossing Apps chart, only just dropping out of the top ten last night. We're particularly proud of its position in the US Top Grossing Productivity Apps chart, where it's at #3 with only Pages and Keynote ahead of it!


As you can tell from the graph above, LittleSnapper didn't fare as well as our other apps. Whilst the app was given a huge shout out on the Apple Mac App Store page as a "Great Mac app" - thanks Steve :) - we know that LittleSnapper is a more niche application. It's also the oldest of our app lineup, though I'd keep an eye out for some big changes to LittleSnapper later this year!

Further Thoughts on the Mac App Store

Whilst Courier is now exclusive to the App Store, RapidWeaver 5.x and LittleSnapper remain available via our own store - and we're going to be continuing to offer these two releases via both our site and the App Store. That's fine for now, as we sell both apps to users of both Mac OS X Snow Leopard (who can get the Mac App Store) and Mac OS X Leopard (who can't). As the system requirements for our apps adapt and we start to phase out Leopard support we'll be bringing our other apps over to the Mac App Store exclusively.

To make it very clear to existing users, RapidWeaver 5.x and LittleSnapper 1.x will all remain available via our store for the duration of their product cycle, so you've nothing to worry about!

When we release LittleSnapper 2 (sometime this year) and RapidWeaver 6 (which, whilst on our roadmap, is still a long way off) we'll almost certainly go App Store exclusive with these apps. The ease of use of the App Store, compared to any store a developer can 'roll themselves', will soon become a competitive advantage for developers - the App Store almost entirely eliminates the barriers associated buying software. Sticking with our own store would not only make the purchase and registration of our apps a hassle, but each sale outside the Mac App Store obviously doesn't count towards Apple's chart positions.

iOS developers have long known that featured status or a high chart ranking typically send sales through the roof. With each sale via your own store not counting towards the rankings, we feel that selling apps away from the App Store ultimately compromises any App Store presence. Going App Store-only is a big leap of faith for developers - requiring them to place a significant amount of trust in Apple, which some might be wary of - however we think that over the next year or so more and more Mac developers will go App Store-exclusive.

It's going to be an interesting 12 months!