Leap into the future with Clear for Mac

nik Written by Nik on February 26th, 2013 in News

Just before Christmas, the Clear for Mac team gathered around a box that had arrived from San Francisco. Inside, was a rather intriguing piece of hardware. Over the past couple of months, we’ve been stealthily working on adding support for this futuristic piece of hardware to Clear for Mac - and today we’re thrilled to announce that Clear for Mac will soon support the rather incredible Leap Motion controller.

We’re still hard at work finishing all the interactions for Clear + Leap, however to give you an idea of how you’ll be able to use Clear with the Leap Motion controller, here’s a short video showing some of our work so far.

Stay tuned for news about this next Clear for Mac update by following Clear on Twitter, and if you’ve not already picked up a copy of Clear for Mac you can do so for just $6.99 on the Mac App Store!