Ember for Mac now with Auto-Import

nik Written by Nik on February 4th, 2014 in News

Today we’re launching yet another big update to Ember for Mac - version 1.4. The team’s been hard at work on some big changes and this update features an even more refined design - we’ve brought the Inspector into the Ember window (no more popover or floating window), and tweaked plenty of colours and icons throughout the app.

Ember for Mac

There’s also a brand-new set of Browser Extensions launching with today’s update. You can now save images from Safari and Chrome’s right-click menu - and to ensure the extension always shows you the latest collections in your library we’ve created a new (native) snapping window with the page metadata.

This new snapping window is also, optionally, available to apply metadata to images when taking screenshots or using the Ember browser

There is, however, one more big feature in this release of Ember. The Screenshot Auto-Import feature in Ember for iOS has been incredibly popular, and today we’re bringing it to the Mac - with a twist!

You can set up Ember to import from any number of folders on your Mac. You can create Auto-Import rules (for example, to only import images with a certain name from your chosen folders), and Ember also allows you to remove the images once added to your library if you’re wanting to keep your desktop tidy. If you’ve got the Ember browser extensions set to “Always Enabled” then this will happen even when Ember itself isn’t open!

To give you an idea of how you could use Auto-Import, here’s a couple of examples that we’ve been using here at HQ: a shared Dropbox folder with the latest mockups for your apps or watching your Desktop for new images containing the name “Screenshot”.

Ember 1.4 has all these new features (and more) and is available now as a free update [via the Mac App Store](http://www.realmacsoftware.com/redirects/ember/appstore). We’ve also updated the [Ember Demo](http://www.realmacsoftware.com/redirects/ember/try) so that you can give these new features a spin before picking up a copy!