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RapidWeaver Theme: SmartDock Mobile

SmartDock Mobile

Built exclusively for the iPhone and iPod Touch the SmartDock Mobile RapidWeaver theme offers an unparalleled browsing experience. By taking full advantage of the advanced CSS rendering and Javascript engines these devices provide, SmartDock Mobile reduces screen clutter by hiding the navigation menu and sidebar until your users actually need them. Then, with a single tap, they slide into view smoothly - an incredibly unique and eye-catching experience that will keep viewers on your site longer and tempt them back for more.

In addition to these powerful features, SmartDock Mobile is also an incredibly flexible and customizable theme, offering numerous color pickers, 10 customizable background images (5 png and 5 jpeg) for both the header and main content areas, support for 3rd party plugins, and much more.

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Version 2.0 of SmartDock Mobile is a major update that significantly improves almost every aspect of this theme. The menu has been moved and is easier to read and use, with extensive color options to help you get the perfect fit for your website.

Any images too large to be displayed at native resolution are now automatically resized for optimal viewing on the iPhone.

SmartDock Mobile now also comes with built-in support for FancyZoom, CrossSlide, and Pulse! Just because you're building a mobile site doesn't mean it has to be boring~ Add beautiful slideshows without Flash using CrossSlide, or pull your viewers attention to a certain area on the page using Pulse.