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RapidWeaver Theme: Nobility


Nobility is our amazing new RapidWeaver theme. It's a beautiful new look for your site, with plenty of options to customise the colours, textures and icons on each page.

With a dozen customisable colours, five header textures, 4 different widths and two icon sets, this theme is perfect for anyone looking to create a fresh and colourful RapidWeaver site!

Version 1.1 Adds New Features

  • -Lightbox option for the built-in photo album
  • -Toggle image borders and shadows
  • -Header height options - flexible (default), 300, 400, 500 & 600 pixels
  • -Additional colour options - Headers 1 through 5 can now be customised.
  • -Position the sidebar area above or below the main content

Unique Theme Features:

  • -The header area automatically adjusts to your content, however you can set a fixed height if you wish.
  • -The "sidebar" area just below the main content is automatically hidden if it's empty.
  • -A plugin sidebar is automatically added when a plugin adds additional information to the page. For example: the blog archives, categories & tag lists.
  • -Unique form styles.
  • -Animated drop-down menus