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RapidWeaver Theme: Flavorite


Fun and fresh is the name of the game with Flavorite, a light and flavorful RapidWeaver theme with a boxy feel. The first ever theme to include a built-in, user selectable slide show, Flavorite is now SS3 enabled.

With Flavorite's optional rounded corners, smart navigation and layout, compartmentalized blog entries, unique sidebar and lightbox albums—find out why Flavorite is one of our most popular themes.

What's new in r10

Flavorite now uses a seyDoggy CDN to host many common files externally to help make future theme updates silent and unobtrusive. This means that updates can be rolled out faster (in minutes instead of days) and across multiple themes simultaneously.

  • [FIXED]: Corrected background repeat issue that would not render the full width on iOS devices.
  • [UPDATED]: now referencing minified CDN version of all common Ultimate theme plugins and functions.
  • [UPDATED]: now referencing minified CDN version of Flavorite specific functions.
  • [UPDATED]: general cleanup and optimization