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RapidWeaver Theme: Atmos Theme

Atmos Theme

The Atmos Theme is my first Budget Theme for RapidWeaver. A very elegant and minimal design without a bloating javascript framework. Use it to showcase your artistic work or set up a personal blog.

Style Variations included: 5 Font Families, 3 Widths, Sidebar Position, Custom Colors

Budget Themes are basic themes with a few customization options. Not every RW user needs a full blown theme. Budget Themes are more simple: if you like the design, get it - there is no need for you to learn fancy code or anything else. Budget Themes are also much less expensive. With a Budget Theme you won't get these things: - No Support (you know how to install and use a theme) - No Manual - No Demo version to try - Budget Themes are also only tested and supported on modern browsers (Safari5, FF6+,Opera 11, IE8, IE9).