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RapidWeaver Stack: ImageMapper


Adding in up to 8 clickable imagemap areas to an image is now quick and easy for any Rapidweaver user to do with the Blueball Imagemapper stacks bundle! Simply drag and drop in your image into one the 6 ImageMapper stacks then fill in the HUD fields. That's it.

What's really cool is that your image map areas will be outlined in red dotted borders in Edit Mode to help you align and position your image map areas better. If you make adjusts in the HUD area to your start, end, top, or bottom point settings, they are dynamically updated for you while in edit mode. When you go to preview mode they disappear like magic. Also you can use multiple instances of ImageMapper stacks on 1 page if you need to.

The ImageMapper v3 stacks requires Stacks 2+ and Rapidweaver 5+. Browsers supported include Safari, Firefox, IE7+, Chrome, and Opera.