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RapidWeaver Stack: El Text-o stack

El Text-o stack

El Text-o is RapidWeaver's original animated text stack. There is nothing else like it! El Text-o allows you to present your message with a punch! You can bet viewers will be reloading your page just to watch El text-o again. That's the kind of attention you want to bring to your site.

They'll think you spent hours hand-coding your site... and only you will know that El Presidente himself spent countless hours in his palace putting all this RapidWeaver goodness together just for you. Talk about special, individualized attention! All kidding aside, I imagine you are already plotting where you will make use of El Text-o. Which client will be the first to marvel at your ability to bring this kind of effect to their web site?

El Text-o is RapidWeaver's only animated text effect. And you have control over so many features....colors, speeds, font sizes, fade/vanish, etc!

The stack works equally well in original Stacks or Stacks 2.0